Are you frustrated by the fact that potential customers can’t find you online because your website is being buried under search results? Are you confused about social media and what it can do for your sales? Think Online provides the skills necessary to create a highly effective, result-oriented and cost-efficient internet marketing operation. We can help you by creating an online marketing strategy which we will implement afterwards. The results of this strategy will provide us with insights into new opportunities. These insights will help us in the continual optimization of the ongoing online marketing campaigns.


Over the past few years, the focus in the online marketing landscape has shifted increasingly towards inbound marketing. It is not enough to solely invest in expensive advertisements, you need to reach potential customers at multiple moments or touchpoints. The main idea of inbound marketing is that you need to reach potential customers at the moment they are looking for a solution that you can offer them.

The aspects of inbound marketing contain content creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the use of social media and using web statistic to continually measure and analyse the results. By creating relevant content on your website and on social media and by using SEO, you can reach potential customers early on in the decision making process. If you combine inbound marketing with online advertising, you can reach your target group in every stage of the decision making process.


Search Engine Optimization helps your website to obtain a higher position in the search results of Google. What distinguishes the SEO services of Think Online is the combination of automation and experienced online marketers. We make use of SEO automation tools which give us the opportunity to continually optimize your website. Because of this continual optimization, we are able to achieve great results in a short amount of time.

Our experienced online marketers proactively monitor the results of the SEO projects and identify possibly missed opportunities. Think Online is experienced in all aspects of Search Engine Optimization, from the technical aspects to the writing of web-texts that make Google very happy. Our goal is to improve the position of your website in the search results of Google. This makes it easier for potential customers to reach you online and will therefore increase traffic and sales.


Social media can be very powerful tools to build your brand. Most people spend time on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, daily. Using social media in your online marketing strategy can be very effective because you reach people in their ‘natural habitat’. Furthermore, if you reach people via different channels, potential customers will remember and recall your brand much more easily. Think Online stays on top of the latest developments in the world of social media so that we always have the latest insights on how to help you build your brand.


Search engine advertising (SEA) is a very powerful way of online advertising. You reach potential customers when they are searching in search engines, such as Google. The advantage of this way of advertising is that you can make sure that you reach people at the moment they are actually looking for your products or services. Think Online can make sure your advertisements will appear at the top of the page of search results after relevant search queries.

Advertising in search engines also gives you the great opportunity of remarketing, by targeting people that have visited your website before. The beauty of remarketing is that, because they visited your website before, you know the visitors are already interested in your brand. With the use of a remarketing campaign, you can make sure your brand is top-of-mind again with past visitors. Since marketers can target past visitors with very relevant messages, website visitors who are retargeted are 70 percent more likely to convert.

In combination with inbound marketing, SEA can be very useful for organizations that sell products with a complex proposition. The customer journey of these kinds of products is relatively long and the customer needs multiple contact moments with the company and the product before making a purchase decision. By making use of both inbound marketing ánd online advertising, you can reach your target audience at all these contact moments with the right message.


Think Online is an expert in the field of advanced web analytics and online business intelligence. In order to analyze the results of your website, web statistical tools, such as Google Analytics and Piwik, provide us with valuable information. Data such as the number of people who visited your website or specific pages, the time they spent on your website and where the visitors came from (organic search results, online advertisements, social media, or links on other websites) can tell us a lot.

With an online business intelligence research, we can investigate where potential clients are located online. This information can be used to stay ahead of the competition. Knowing what the competition does helps us to identify opportunities for your company. Next to that, we can provide insight into the processes of orientation and decisionmaking of the customer. This information is essential for the creation of marketing and sales processes. We can map the behavior of website visitors in detail and use this information to proactively suggest new opportunities. Eventually, this will lead to an optimized website with increased traffic, leads, or sales.


At Think Online, we have a lot of knowledge available and we love to share this! We post blogs regularly where we share our insights on current topics in the online marketing world. Next to that, we also like to convey our knowledge and insights in person, by consulting and training. Think Online is an online marketing agency that coaches you through the entire process. This will help you to achieve an effective, cost-efficient and result-oriented online marketing campaign.


The Think Online office is situated at the Hightech Creative Triple O campus in Breda. Together with over 60 creative and innovative companies we share knowledge and have a broad in-house network of high-end specialists. Contact us for more information.